Conference Programme 2022

Conference Programme 2022

Join the Royal Veterinary College at Singapore Vet

Across the two-day conference & exhibition at Singapore Vet 2022, attendees will get to learn and choose from over 55 hours of accredited CPE topics. 

Clinical conference, programmed by Jill Maddison from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) - who also creates the world-famous London Vet Show conference programme. The RVC is currently the world's number one veterinary school based on the prestigious QS World University Rankings 2021. 

The Business and Innovation Theatres are designed to provide busy veterinary professionals with actionable takeaways, business strategies and inspiration that can be put in place instantly upon returning to their practice. 

*All conferences and sessions will be conducted in English language. Conference programme is subject to change without prior notice. 


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RVC Clinical Theatre 1
  1. The violent and unpredictable nature of seizures can be overwhelming and distressing for owners of affected animals. It is therefore important to build a strong relationship with your client that is b ...
    • Nurses/Technician Team
    Critical patients can inspire fear in us and make us lose our focus on what we can do for them. We need to concentrate on our clinical examination of the patient to determine what the main problem are ...
    • Neurology
    • Diagnostics
    Many veterinary practitioners lack confidence when confronted with neurology patients. This 'neurophobia' limits the successful assessment of animals with neurological signs and these patients are the ...
    • Diagnostics
    Exploratory laparotomy is a commonly utilised surgical procedure to aid in the diagnosis or to facilitate an intervention. If approached in a systematic fashion with good pre-operative planning it is ...
    • Diagnostics
    When an ulcer hasn`t healed at the first recheck, there is a tendency to throw up our arms and become frustrated. A few golden rules can help us to see that ulcers within this group have actually help ...
  2. Inflammatory airway disease in the cat can be associated with eosinophilic, neutrophilic, or mixed inflammation however the importance of these differing types of inflammation remains unclear. Various ...
RVC Clinical Theatre 2
    • Diagnostics
    • Feline
    • Gastroenterology
    Chronic diarrhoea can be frustrating to treat- for owners and vets alike. A logical and practical approach to cases is important to quickly establish which cases need investigation and which can have ...
    • Feline
    Loud breathing is typically related to upper airway disease. While the etiology is often apparent in brachycephalic disease, determining the severity and origin of these signs can be challenging. Surg ...
  1. Encephalitozoon cuniculi is often a suspected cause of head tilt in rabbits. However, a definitive diagnosis is difficult to obtain. This presentation will discuss the pathophysiology of head tilt in ...
  2. It is often wrongly assumed that patients with acute hindlimb paralysis carry a poor prognosis and can only be evaluated in specialist referral centres. It is important to realise that only a handful ...
    • Nurses/Technician Team
    BOAS is a complex syndrome where the whole range of abnormalities that develop in these breeds can limit their lifestyle and cause major concerns when anaesthetising them. I will aim to cover the main ...
    • Diagnostics
    • Feline
    Pancreatitis is a commonly diagnosed problem in dogs that occurs in severe and mild forms, and with acute and chronic inflammation; it is also being increasingly recognized in cats. Chronic pancreatit ...
  3. Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), or “dry eye”, is a common disease of dogs that, since the introduction of cyclosporine, is usually relatively easily managed. Here, we briefly discuss rou ...
Business Theatre
  1. Get practical tips on getting better compliance with vector-borne disease testing.  Whether you are struggling with a sick pet or routine testing, Dr Rachael will share her experience and some latest ...
    Testing for vector-borne disease: tips on getting more ‘yes’ from your pet parents
    • Patella
    Patella Luxation is frequently encountered, yet as a clinician decision making is not always straightforward. Dogs with patella instability can have a wide spectrum of presentations. It is important t ...
    Patella stabilisation - surgical indications, techniques & pitfalls
    • Telemedicine
    Proactive holistic healthcare for pets starts with regular and frequent visits with a vet. However, in recent years, there has been a significant uptick in pet ownership, causing many clinics to be ov ...
    Pawlyclinic: the role of telemedicine in providing holistic pet care
  2. Dr Benedict will share some pragmatic experiences in peri-operative analgesia management. He will also share some insights on the literature and experiences on the optimum use of Robenacoxib in the NS ...
    The mainstay of analgesia in countries with limited drug availability
Innovation Theatre
    • Diagnostics
    Diagnostic reasoning, medical errors, and artificial intelligence
    • Diagnostics
    1) Immmune-mediated anaemia and thrombocytopenia are common diseases. Their diagnosis and management are challenging, especially in Singapore where blood-borne diseases and raw meat diets are frequent ...
    Specificities of diagnosis and management of immune mediated anemia & thrombocytopenia in Singapore & Investigations of chronic respiratory signs in dogs and cats
    • Feline
    The diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension (PH) in dogs and cats can be very challenging. In humans, the gold standard in the diagnosis of PH is to perform right heart catheterization (RHC). However, in ...
    Diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension in dogs and cats with transthoracic echocardiography
  1. It is expected that the human nutraceutical market is to grow to more than USD400 Billion by 2025 (with a 7.2% CAGR over a period of  6 years) and the veterinary nutraceutical market usually follows t ...
    Getting the best bang for your buck. Does evidence matter to you?
  2. The lecturer will discuss the use of multi-slice CT as a valuable diagnostic modality in everyday veterinary practice.  Common applications will be reviewed using case studies and CT images.
    The practical use of mobile multi-slice CT in veterinary medicine
  3. Session by LABYES
  4. This would be a joint talk with Dr David Church from the Royal Veterinary College. David would be introducing the concept of VetCompass in the UK, how it has expanded the research scene in the veterin ...
    VetCompass Singapore: The future of veterinary research
RVC Clinical Theatre 1
  1. Anorexia can have a myriad of causes and is a clinical manifestation of many different diseases. Usually, there will be some other, more specific clinical sign in our patient that will help us localis ...
  2. Surgical correction of eyelid problems can be some of the most satisfying surgeries in general practice. However, attention to the smallest of details is essential if good results are to be attained. ...
    • Nurses/Technician Team
    In this lecture, Dr Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT will review the top 10 mistakes to avoid in your dyspnoeic patient, including how to clinical recognize them, whether to take chest radiographs, how to i ...
  3. Through the medium of problem-based case discussions, we will explore some diagnostic dilemmas and therapeutic challenges. There might even be some music.
    • Nurses/Technician Team
    Postoperative infection and hospital-acquired infections are not prevented by antibiotic use.  The key to maintaining acceptable post-operative infection rates and preventing hospital-acquired infecti ...
  4. In this video-based lecture, Dr Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT will review common procedures that veterinarians must feel comfortable performing in the emergency room, including thoracocentesis, abdominoc ...
RVC Clinical Theatre 2
    • Nurses/Technician Team
    In this lecture, Dr Justine Lee, DACVECC, and DABT will review common mistakes to avoid in the ER such as when to perform chest radiographs in an unstable patient, what dose of steroids to use, when t ...
  1. Although head trauma is a potentially life-threatening emergency, affected animals can be successfully managed in private practice. A basic understanding of the pathophysiology of traumatic brain inju ...
    • Feline
    Cats with idiopathic rhinosinusitis typically require long term management. Because the underlying cause of this disease is poorly understood, limiting clinical signs and providing the owner with a re ...
    • Nurses/Technician Team
    In this lecture, Dr Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT reviews the most common errors veterinary professionals make with the poisoned veterinary patient. Learn which emetic agents to use in dogs versus cats, ...
  2. Rabbit anaesthesia has been associated with higher mortality and morbidity rates than dog and cat anaesthesia. This presentation will discuss the differences in rabbit and dog/cat physiology that may ...
  3. Alex will be covering the diagnosis and management of acute hemorrhagic diarrhea syndrome including but not limited to:  - Shock diagnosis and management  - Coagulatory disturbances & considerations  ...
Business Theatre
  1. Did you know there is a simple blood test to help find some of the common canine cancers, including lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma? This course covers challenges and unmet needs in the diagnosis of cani ...
    Evaluation of plasma nucleosome concentrations in healthy dogs and dogs with cancer
  2. Sonographic imaging was first introduced in veterinary medicine for the early diagnosis of pregnancy. Recently, ultrasound has changed the way obstetric care has been provided in small animal practice ...
    Diagnostic obstetric ultrasound in the dog: normal and abnormal pregnancy
    • Patella
    Medial patella luxation is a common canine orthopaedic problem in toy breeds. A variety of anatomical abnormalities of the pelvic limbs can lead to this developmental problem. Left unmanaged,  the lux ...
    Surgical management of medial patella luxation in toy breeds and helpful tips
  3. Modern veterinary practices can benefit from taking a data driven approach to improve day-to-day decision making. By leveraging on digitisation, practices will transform its relationships with custome ...
    Data driven strategies for practice optimisation
  4. In this session, Dr Myriam will share the latest innovations in Veterinary Diagnostics now available in Singapore: new SAA/ CRP inflammatory panels, new KeyScreen GI Parasite PCR (or the revolution in ...
    What‘s new in the Veterinary Diagnostic tool box?
Innovation Theatre
  1. Join us as we use real-life cases to help you understand how to interpret a five-part white blood cell differential and go beyond the diagnosis of "infection or not".  Practical information that you c ...
    Getting the most from a five part differential: a case based discussion
  2. In this presentation, we are going to look at how to improve our service to clients by doing a couple of easy extra procedures during routine consultations for example vaccinations and admission for s ...
    How to add value to routine consultations using ophthalmology
  3. So many parameters and normal ranges to remember! The monitor is beeping but what am I looking for in the patient? It is easy to do a very bad job of monitoring, even with the very best equipment. Lea ...
    Workshop: Maximise your anaesthesia monitoring skills
  4. Vets in crisis: How can we better prepare ourselves for the future challenges of the veterinary industry?

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