Aimbio Diagnosis

Stand: E08
  • | Diagnostic

Aimbio Diagnosis was found back in 2017, our ultimate goal is to become a world-leader in automated molecular diagnostics. We’ve been working tirelessly for five whole years to develop a point-of-care diagnostic system that’s way more accurate and user-friendly than anything else out there in the market.

Our solution is a platform called Point-of-Care Testing(POCT) for molecular diagnostics. It consists of an instrument and prepacked reagents in a cartridge. Our patented cartridge design automates preparation, extraction, and amplification all within a single enclosed cartridge. By utilizing it, technicians can perform PCR test very easily by themselves in-clinic instead of sending samples to laboratories, reducing the test turnaround time to less than two hours from one week that might be too late on some cases. In addition to swift and accurate diagnoses, our in-clinic PCR offers substantial cost savings of up to 50% per test.


658 Bin'an Road101, Building 2, Binjian District
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