19 Mar 2020

Speaker in the Spotlight: Dr Alan Taylor

Speaker in the Spotlight: Dr Alan Taylor
We spoke with Dr Alan Taylor, who will be speaking on anaesthesia at Singapore Vet 2020. Read on to find out more about what he does and his sessions!
  • Tell us about yourself 

I am Dr Alan Taylor, CityU VMC mixed GP and Specialist practiced owned by CityU.  I am an anaesthesiologist and also Head of Veterinary Education and Research for the practice.

  • Tell us about your sessions at Singapore Vet.

I have one solo one entitled “Anaesthetising the Critical Patient of Diagnostic or Surgical Procedures – Is it worth the Angst?”, and two in conjunction with colleagues:

one from Singapore, Dr Shangzhe Xie, with the talk “Anaesthetising Rabbits – Similarities and Differences to Anaesthetising Dogs and Cats”

one from Australia, Dr Arthur House, with the talk “Keeping Bulldogs Breathing – Decision Making in BOAS Surgery and Anaesthesia”

  • What do you aim to achieve throughout your sessions at Singapore Vet?

My main aim is to remind everyone that anaesthesia, whilst it can be tricky, is achievable if proper planning even for Critical Patients and those that are difficult to anaesthetise routinely, such as rabbits and BOAS breeds. The sessions are there to ensure we keep a calm head and think critically about our patient so that we make informed decisions on the anaesthetic that will help maximise success.

  • Who should attend your sessions at Singapore Vet?

Anyone who is concerned about anaesthetising patients that can cause problems such as described in the titles of the talks. Nurses too as they are the primary providers of anaesthesia and so it is important that we learn as a team as teamwork can overcome a lot of obstacles.

  • Why do you think it is important to bring Vet Show to Asia?

Vet Show is such a major innovation in CPD provision, encompassing more each year in the larger shows with multiple streams. Here in Asia there is limited CPD so having a large event such as Singapore Vet allows everyone in the region to travel a comparatively small distance to reach a quality event and hear from world renowned speakers and with development perhaps include more of these streams here in the future. Asia needs high quality CPD and this show really helps.

  • Why should veterinary professionals attend Singapore Vet?

Veterinary professionals should attend Singapore Vet Show to get great CPD that is practical and relevant and to share problems unique to each country in the region so that we better understand what is available to vets in the region. Understanding best practice gives everyone a chance to move forward. Also let’s not forget the social aspect, where we can meet new colleagues, share experiences, learn from each other and enjoy some fabulous hospitality in a city that is amazing and socialise with our new friends.

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