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  • You spend so much time finding the right vet techs for your practice that when one of them leaves it can be very frustrating. Often, you want a reason but it can be hard to really know why vet techs l ...
  • Introduction to Transdermal Medications

    21 Dec 2021 Amber Compounding Pharmacy
    Transdermal cream medications have a wide range of benefits when it comes to treating ailments and conditions in domestic pets. Delivering medication through the skin avoids first-pass metabolism, gas ...
  • How Much CDP Do Vets Need

    23 Nov 2021 VetPrac
    Continual learning in any field is important, however when it comes to science-based professions it is even more critical to keep abreast of new developments. Veterinarians are no exception, and in fa ...
  • Why Does the Cuff Have to Be at Heart Level?

    11 Nov 2021 Suntech Medical
    Have you heard the requirement for blood pressure (BP) readings that the cuff must be at the same height as the patient’s heart? You may already be aware that this is necessary for all oscillometric m ...
  • Are you tired of manually writing up your controlled drugs register? Vet S8 is an electronic controlled drug register that replaces and improves on the paper-based recording of controlled drugs, speci ...
  • Come and listen to our CEO talk about trending software solutions for Veterinary Hospitals.
  • Protexin - Cystophan

    12 Sep 2019 Shirley J. Mizrahi
    High Level Support for Feline Urinary Health
  • Protexin - Cobalapex

    12 Sep 2019 Shirley J. Mizrahi
    Supporting Normal Serum Cobalamin and Folate Levels in Dogs and Cats
  • Protexin - ProEnzorb

    12 Sep 2019 Shirley J. Mizrahi
    Supporting Exocrine Pancreatic Function in Dogs and Cats
  • Kakato - Premium Pet Food

    12 Sep 2019 Shirley J. Mizrahi
    “Healthy Food Means Healthy Pets”  
  • Protexin - CystoPro

    12 Sep 2019 Shirley J. Mizrahi
    High Level Support for Canine and Feline Urinary Health
  • 36th World Veterinary Association Congress

    12 Sep 2019 New Zealand Veterinary Association
    The 36th World Veterinary Association Congress (WVAC 2020) will be held 6-8 April 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand. WVAC 2020 provides a unique opportunity for veterinarians in all branches of the profes ...
  • Our customized innovation technology and specialized compounding knowledge allow the veterinarians to widen their prescribing range, tailoring effective medications that meet each animal’s needs.
  • Master of Veterinary Medicine by online learning

    29 Jul 2019 Massey University
      Indulge it by studying via distance with Massey University’s respected Master of Veterinary Medicine (MVM) programme. Advance your knowledge, extend your skills, increase your job satisfaction and c ...
  • International student

    29 Jul 2019 Masssey University
    Master of Veterinary Medicine (Companion Animal Surgery) with Distinction Graduated 2014
  • Summit is a UK based veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer providing high quality innovative solutions exclusively to veterinary surgeons. 
  • VetPartners is built on the simple philosophy of Join Us Stay You.
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